Curricula is now Huntress Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training for Startups

Your startup can’t afford to get hacked. You have one shot, so don’t let hackers crash your path to success.

Curricula’s security awareness training program for technology companies is the easiest, most effective way to defend against cyber attacks and stay compliant.

Starting Your SOC Compliance

Preparing for a compliance audit isn’t fun. But don’t worry, we’ll help you stay organized with a summary of your entire security awareness training program.

Curricula will automatically generate your compliance evidence by documenting every part of your security awareness program so you can get back to building your tech and supporting your customers.

Scaling Cyber Risk

From your seed to exit, we’re here for your company’s journey. As you scale, your cyber risk scales too. We’ll make sure your employees are protected every step of the way.

Curricula is the most affordable option for early-stage companies to check the box, and actually have fun. The annual cost of your security awareness training program is less than a company team outing.

It's great to see a new company focused on doing good work to keep our employees engaged and ultimately our business safe. Curricula is solving a big problem for the technology world by making security awareness training fun.

Eric Vass
CTO, Terminus

Compliance Training

If you’re currently preparing for an upcoming audit, or following one of the many security and privacy framework, Curricula is here to help with:

Show Off Your Security Posture

As you go upmarket to target enterprise customers, you’ll need to show documentation of your security awareness program. Prove your technology is best-in-class, and so is your security awareness training, by signing up with Curricula.

Company Culture Approved

Your startup has an awesome culture, so don’t ruin it with some other boring training! Our security awareness episodes are filled with heroes, villains, and stories all designed to put a smile on your employees faces and make learning cyber security fun.

Curricula is awesome. When I run the simulated phishing training, I usually have at least one team member who gets caught by DeeDee. For technology companies, we often assume we know, but we don't. That's where employee training becomes essential. It's incredibly important to build a culture of security while scaling your organization. With Curricula, the educational experience is so engaging, our team wants to learn.

Karen Houghton
Vice President, Atlanta Tech Village

We Speak Startup Language

Believe us, your employees are not going to listen to boring compliance “Death by PowerPoint.” Curricula security awareness training for startups delivers short stories that visualize an actual cyber attack. We keep a smile on their faces while they learn how to defend themselves against future attacks.

Automate Everything

You probably already wear a ton of hats, so let us take care of your security awareness. Curricula’s platform can be set up and launched in less than 10 minutes, helping to keep your employees safe for the entire year.

Integrate With Your Current Tools

Our SaaS platform can easily plug into your existing tech stack. Instead of having to constantly upload new employee lists, Curricula integrates with your favorite directory services including OKTA, Microsoft 365, G Suite, OneLogin, and more to automate everything.


The Security Topics You Care About

Curricula trains your employees on everything you’d expect them to know about cyber security. Our fun library of security awareness training topics is always expanding to include the most significant cyber risks.

While you expect employees working at your startup to be knowledgeable about these threats, that’s not the reality — and that’s where Curricula comes in. We have security awareness training episodes covering everything from new employee information security training to ongoing phishing defense.

Simulated Phishing Attacks

Startups use dozens of online services and hackers use those same services to trick your employees. Curricula’s simulated phishing attack platform can test your employees using real-world phishing tests. See which employees fall victim to a phishing test, and we’ll automatically train them on how to defend themselves from the bad guys.

People Are Counting on You

Founders, employees, investors, customers, and your community are all counting on your success. Don’t let a hacker devastate your growth and your reputation.

Don’t want your startup to get hacked? Neither do we. Let’s talk.

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