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Fun Cyber Security Awareness Training

Cyber security awareness training should be fun and easy. Curricula uses behavioral science techniques, like storytelling, to fundamentally transform your security culture.

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Our Content Library

Fun Security Awareness Training Content Library

Security awareness training should be fun! The Curricula platform trains your employees with short, memorable security awareness stories. Our security awareness training content is fun, memorable, and will have your employees begging you to watch the next episode!

Choose from a variety of fresh new training content, episodes, security awareness downloads, phishing simulations, and more.

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Free up to 1,000 employees. No Credit Card Required.

“The content was so good, people got excited about it, and our security program was rewarded by building trust between our information security team and our employees.”

Kendra Cooley - Information Security Manager, Webflow

Phishing Training is
Fun with DeeDee

DeeDee is your phishing training partner that helps you run, manage, and report phishing tests with your employees. DeeDee transforms your organization with a phishing training program that builds a trusted partnership with your employees.

Learn More

Gamified Phishing Reporting

Your employees can actively spot phishing emails and report them using Curricula’s integrated phishing reporting service. Employees are even rewarded for catching DeeDee’s phishing tests, gamifying the entire phishing experience. Learn More

Create your own
custom online training

Create your own custom eLearning training using the same tools our team does! No Designer, no problem. Now anyone can build their own fun training stories using our characters and launch them right inside our integrated Learning Management System.

Automate Everything

Security awareness shouldn’t be a headache to manage. In less than 15 minutes, you’ll launch the security awareness training program of your dreams.

Everything is automated from directory integrations to employee training reminders. Crush your compliance audits knowing Curricula has your back. Learn More

Directory Integrations

Sync with your favorite identity provider to automatically keep employees updated in the Curricula platform. Learn More

Custom Branding

Personalize your employee security awareness experience with your own custom colors, logos, policies, and security contact info. Learn More

Core Features

Episode Library

Access new episodes and other content released throughout the year.

Phishing Simulator

Launch simulated phishing tests to your employees.


Quickly configure the required training you want employees to take. Schedule episodes to release throughout the year.

Compliance Reports

Stay on top of your compliance program by requiring passing scores and re-takes to achieve compliance goals.

Notifications and Reminders

Employees are automatically notified and reminded when it's time to complete their required training. You can even add a custom message.

Security Awareness Posters

Access a library of security awareness posters and downloads that directly relate to each episode.

Passwordless Experience

Choose how employees can authenticate to Curricula using our proprietary access code system or magic links.


Use your favorite identity providers to authenticate employees into the Curricula platform using SAML SSO.

Phishing Reporting

Your employees can report phishing tests from any device with Curricula's integrations.


Curricula’s training content can be delivered as SCORM 1.2 to import and manage in your own LMS.


Access your security policies, procedures, and contact info right from the Curricula platform.

Simple License Management

Access all of your billing invoices and licenses right from the Curricula platform.

Welcome to Curriculaville

Curricula’s security awareness training is a series filled with heroes, villains, and stories that stick with your employees. Employees will have the adventure of their lives as they level-up their security skills through an unforgettable experience.

A more educated workforce is a more secure workforce. It’s time to make a change.

There are ways to get people excited about the episodes. I actually had people reaching out to me asking, ‘when are you releasing the next video?’ When I’d heard from Curricula that people would do this I thought, ‘uh huh, sure…’ but that really truly happened!

Kendra Cooley
Information Security Manager

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