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PCI Cyber Security Awareness Training

The goal of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is to protect cardholder data wherever it is processed, stored, or transmitted. Curricula helps your employees learn about PCI compliance in a simple, fun visual experience. You’ll be happy knowing your team is trained, compliant, and secure with Curricula’s PCI awareness training program.

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PCI Compliance Training Made Easy

Curricula’s PCI compliance training is simply broken down into the 12 high-level objective requirements. Employees will learn about PCI cyber risks, engage, and become compliant in less than 15 minutes.

PCI Awareness Training for Employees

Manage, deliver, and track all of your PCI awareness compliance training within the Curricula platform. We make it easy to get your employees compliant with PCI training and keep them aware of common cyber threats as required under PCI.

Requirement 1 – Protect your system with Firewalls

Requirement 2 – Configuration Standards

Requirement 3 – Secure Cardholder Data

Requirement 4 – Encrypt Transmission of Data

Requirement 5 – Protect Systems with Anti-Virus

Requirement 6 – Update Your Systems

Requirement 7 – Restrict Access

Requirement 8 – Unique Credentials

Requirement 9 – Ensure Physical Security

Requirement 10 – Logging and Monitoring

Requirement 11 – Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Tests

Requirement 12 – Documentation and Risk Assessments

Why be PCI Compliant?

The penalties depend on your volume of customers and transactions, level of PCI-DSS, and how long you may have been non-compliant. The card companies can charge merchants that are not in compliance with PCI-DSS penalties that range from $5,000 to $100,000 per month.

If the merchant doesn’t address each compliance issue, their ability to accept cards may even be revoked. So, in other words, the compliance risk is too high not to be PCI compliant.

Curricula will help you achieve PCI compliance training with your employees, document everything for the auditors, and do it all for less than a cup of coffee per employee. In just a few minutes you could be on your way to a safer, more compliant training program with Curricula.

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