Huntress + Curricula: Celebrating 1 year together!

Send a Phishing Test to your employees

Gamified Phishing Simulation Experience

Tired of boring phishing training and clunky admin consoles? Experience our unique behavioral science-based approach to phishing education that can be setup in just 15 minutes and will have your employees thanking you.

Gamify your phishing training program!

Boys & Girls of America
Boys & Girls of America
Boys & Girls of America

I actually had people reaching out to me asking, 'when are you releasing the next video?' When I’d heard from Curricula that people would do this I thought, 'uh huh, sure...' but that really truly happened!

Kendra Cooley Senior Information Security Manager, Webflow

Why Curricula?

Security awareness is more than just checking the box, it’s about changing behaviors. Curricula makes learning fun by using behavioral science techniques, like storytelling, to fundamentally transform your security culture. Our phishing simulator allows you to partner up with DeeDee, a villain hacker to launch phishing campaigns.

Fun Training Content

Filled with fun training content that can be launched in minutes.

Detailed Reports

Measure progress with detailed compliance reports and automations

Gamified Learning

Integrated phishing simulations to gamify the learning experience

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