Security Awareness Training Channel Partner Program

Are you an MSP, MSSP, vCISO, VAR, or Channel Partner looking to get a simple security awareness training program in the hands of your customers? Curricula’s easy channel partner program will help keep your customers secure while putting a smile on their face. The more your customers love the training you give them the more they’ll love you!

Why Partner with Curricula?

Enjoy the Multi-Tenant View

Access all your customers in a single view and jump in when they need help.

Automated Onboarding

Setup is a breeze and you’ll be up and running with Curricula in just a few minutes.

Simple Transparent Pricing

Pricing is public so you don’t need a ruler and magnifying glass to figure out your bill.

Fun Phishing Simulator

Use DeeDee to help you create, launch, and train employees with our fun, easy to use phishing simulator.


Each Assignment can be customized with policies, procedures, and more. Custom brand each customer with colors and logos.

Crush Compliance Audits

Detailed compliance reporting ensures you have everything you need for an audit in the snap of your fingers.

Directory Integrations

Curricula automatically syncs with your favorite tools such as Microsoft Azure, OKTA, Google, OneLogin, LDAP, and more.

Automated Notifications

Never chase down employees again. Curricula takes care of automated reminders and training notifications.


Access community events and work with your peers on the challenges they are facing in their business.


We are here to help you every step of the way to make Curricula a core offering in your business.

Create Your Own Content

Use our Creator to build your own custom training content that can be delivered in our LMS platform.

Customers Will Love It

Your customers and their employees will love how fun Curricula is to train everyone.

Simple + Fun = Curricula

Are you still spending your precious time navigating clunky partner dashboards and delivering a boring product to your customers?

Curricula changes the way you manage phishing simulations and security awareness for your customers, by automating your day. The result is a more secure customer base and less calls for your team to clean up.

What we see in Curricula is an opportunity to completely change this industry by creating a fun security awareness training experience for employees.

Joel Smith (Founder of AppRiver)
Investor, RCP Equity

Curricula Channel Program Tiers

Let’s talk through how the program works. As a channel partner, you will take the responsibility of managing customers directly. Not to worry our goal is to automate as much as possible, so you can focus on running your business.

Program LevelWeaslyDeeDeeMega Gigantic Corp
Margin Discount20%25%30%+
Managed Licenses<500501-20002001+
NFR Discount50%50%50%
Technical SupportStandardPriorityPriority
Onboarding + TrainingStandardStandardCustom
Sales AssistanceStandardStandardCustom
Custom AgreementsStandardStandardCustom

Secret Agent Referral Program

Want to work with Curricula, but you don’t have the time to onboard, support, bill, and manage customers? Don’t worry our Secret Agent Program is perfect for you! Send your referrals our way and our awesome team will take care of everything.

What I’ve learned based on experimentation and other published research is that dry, lengthy, and PowerPoint-based training simply isn’t effective. Training needs to be simple, engaging, and story-based to be retained by students – and these are all qualities uniquely reflected in Curricula’s training program.

Coalition Cyber Insurance Partner

DeeDee is Your Partner in Crime

Use our AI villain hacker DeeDee to bring security awareness to life with your customers. DeeDee will help you run phishing simulation tests with your customers to help get them more engaged. Connect Curricula to support phishing reporting, and employees will be rewarded when they spot one of DeeDee’s phishing tests. IT security teams love Curricula with more insight into real-world attacks and a smarter, more secure workforce.

Automate Training to Reduce Social Engineering Attacks, Period.

Phishing training isn’t just about repeating tests, it’s about learning from mistakes. Work with your customers to make phishing training a priority in their organization and have them rely on you to help. Use Curricula to bring security awareness and phishing defense to the top of their

Create Custom Content

Using Curricula’s built in Creator, you can create beautifully designed content for your customers in minutes. Want to upload a video to chat about security? Done. Add custom questions, images, and other content and rapidly launch to your customers.

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