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A Simple LMS designed to make online training fun

We believe Learning Management Systems should be simple to manage and fun for employees. Curricula’s online learning software lets anyone create, manage, track, and deliver online training in just minutes.

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Build Beautiful Online Training Content

Most online training is boring because it’s stuffed with too many technical concepts, definitions, and is awkwardly designed. Curricula’s LMS content authoring software lets you transform your eLearning content into beautiful, simple, professional looking training with just a couple clicks.

No Designer?
No problem.
Curricula comes with a full library of preloaded content for you to choose from.

Create Content for Any Audience

Creator is a simple LMS authoring tool that allows you to create your own fun custom training content. You’ll instantly become an online training artist when you rapidly launch custom content for your employees. It’s so easy anyone can build custom content in just a few minutes.

  • New Employee Onboarding Onboard your new employees into a fun knowledge based program.
  • Compliance Training Crush your compliance training with a simple approach to online training your employees will actually remember!
  • Security Awareness Training Curricula specializes in fun story-based security awareness content thats always being refreshed.
  • Company Training Showcase internal company processes, company town halls, and anything else to support your employees.
  • Support Training Teach your team how to support your customers and partners.
  • Sales Training Build custom sales training programs for your entire team.
LMS Creator

Assignments for Any Audience

With Assignments, you can enroll any employee to any content in minutes. Create passing scores and keep track of your compliance training. Assignments takes the stress out of new employee training, compliance, and even ad-hoc content that you need completed by your employees.

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Built with a Security Backbone

Curricula is a cyber security education company at its core. We built the Curricula platform from the ground up with security in mind. Every Curricula account gets access to our awesome security awareness training content that showcases heroes, villains, and stories to drive employee engagement. Learn More

Story Based Learning

Start with our library of fun security awareness stories or build your own learning journey. Our LMS makes learning simple and fun for employees. Curricula's supporting characters can help you build your own training story following our best practices.

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Compliance Training

Compliance training doesn’t have to be boring! With Curricula you can bring your training to life using the same approach our team uses to deliver content to create simple steps to train any employee on any topic.

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Visualize your online training program with simple dashboards and reports. Get executive summaries of your training assignments and even create custom detailed reports to find specific employee behaviors.

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Curricula is designed to be simple to manage. Connect to your identity provider to automatically sync employee data. You can setup Curricula in just a few minutes.

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Custom Branding

Personalize your employee security awareness experience with your own custom colors, logos, policies, and security contact info. Learn More

What comes with Curricula?

Directory Integrations

Integrate Curricula to sync with your favorite directory provider.

Automated Notifications

Automatically remind employees to complete their required training with built in notifications.

LMS Content Authoring

Create your own fun custom training content.


Set automated learning paths and passing scores for your online training.


Set passing scores and for any content of required knowledge.

Upload Videos

Upload your own video to embed within training.

Security awareness content

Select from a library of fun security awareness training content.


Enforce and require 2-Factor Authentication on Admins.


Custom reports and dashboard to track your training program.

Fun Content

Select from a library of fun content, images, and characters to use.

Custom Branding

Insert your own logo and colors to customize your learning experience.


Select from several simple authentication options and use SAML.

What is an (LMS) Learning Management System?

Learning Management Systems are software that can create, manage, track, and deliver online training content. They are typically designed for organizations to communicate topics to their employees and are part of most organization’s training programs.

Why is online training important?

Online training is here to stay. Not only is it convenient, online learning allows your organization to rapidly build, modify, and release content to different employees throughout the year.

Can I create my own content with Curricula LMS?

Yes! Curricula Creator is an LMS Authoring tool that allow your to create and deliver your own custom content. You can build anything you want including quizzes, text, images, and videos to help bring online training to life.

How does LMS pricing work?

Pricing is very transparent with Curricula. You can pay with a credit card and upgrade your account as your grow right from the Curricula dashboard. Check out to see which plan is right for you.

Is Curricula LMS Secure?

Curricula is at it’s core a cyber security company. Our security awareness content drives a positive behavior with employees around the world and we walk the walk. Security comes first in everything we do. We even use our own phishing simulator to test our team.

Does Curricula integrate with my Employee Directory?

Yes! Curricula integrates with all of the most popular directory and identity providers such as Microsoft, OKTA, Google, LDAP, OneLogin, and more.

How long does it take to setup the Curricula LMS?

Setting up Curricula takes just a few minutes. Import your employees or automatically sync to your favorite identity provider. Everything is automated to help you get started with your online training quickly.

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