SOC 2 Cyber Security Awareness Training Compliance Program

Completing a SOC 2 audit isn’t easy. Curricula helps your organization become SOC 2 compliant with a simple, fun security awareness training program. You’ll be happy knowing your team is trained, compliant, and secure with Curricula’s cyber security awareness training program.

Reports that SOC 2 Compliance Auditors Love

Everyone knows how stressful going through a SOC 2 compliance audit can be, but not with Curricula. Snapshot all of your security awareness training evidence and records in seconds. Your auditors will thank you for using Curricula to demonstrate SOC 2 compliance of your security awareness training program.

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SOC 2 Compliance Goals

Curricula’s SOC 2 compliance training helps your employees learn about cyber risks and become compliant in less than 15 minutes. We make learning about security fun for your employees and easy for you to deploy.

SOC 2 compliance requires “The entity communicates information to improve security knowledge and awareness and to model appropriate security behaviors to personnel through a security awareness training program.” SOC 2 compliance also requires your organization to achieve the following 5 trust principles:

1. Security: The security section of a SOC 2 audit examines both the physical and electronic forms of security in use.

2. Availability: Are your customers able to access the system as per contractual specifications? 

3. Processing Integrity: If a company offers financial or e-commerce transactions, audit reports should include details on controls designed to safeguard transactions.

4. Confidentiality: Are there any restrictions on how data is shared? Include how data is stored, transferred, and accessed as well as adherence procedures for privacy policies.

5. Privacy: Unlike confidentiality, this area focuses on how your organization collects and uses customer information. Your privacy policy must align with actual operational procedures.

SOC 2 Security Awareness Training Made Easy

Manage, deliver, and track all of your SOC 2 security awareness compliance training within the Curricula platform. We make it easy to get your employees compliant and keep them aware of common cyber threats as required under SOC 2. You’ll be up and running in about 15 minutes with a security awareness training program everyone will love.

Why be SOC 2 Compliant?

As your business grows, compliance regulations grow too. Your customers require your organization to achieve certain compliance certifications, such as SOC 2.

Curricula will help you achieve SOC 2 compliance by training your employees, documenting everything for the auditors, and do it all for less than a cup of coffee per employee. In just a few minutes you could be on your way to a safer, more compliant information security awareness training program with Curricula.

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