Huntress + Curricula: Celebrating 1 year together!


Curricula was created to fix boring security awareness training. You know the training that every employee dreads going through each year. We wanted to put a smile on the face of employees as they take security awareness training, not as a compliance obligation, because we make them care. We make learning fun for everyone. It’s our mission to help educate and protect employees from security threats around the globe.

Do you want to be part of the mission of making cyber security training easier, more relatable, and fun for everyone? Do you want to work towards making the world more secure?

Let's Smile and Learn, Together.

We live and breath by our Core Values and ensure our team's commitment to them remains in the work we do. Want to learn about the Core Values of what it takes to become a Curriculoo?

About Curricula's Core Values

Curricula is changing the approach to learn about cyber security with a series of heroes, villains, and stories. Our mission is to educate businesses and their employees across the world to become safer online.

If you’re interested in joining the Curricula team and don’t see a position available, reach out and tell us why you want to work with our team: [email protected]

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