Curricula is now Huntress Security Awareness Training

Customize Your Security Awareness Experience

Cyber Security Training Customized for Your Organization

Personalize your security awareness experience with Curricula’s custom branding and content options. Give your employees a familiar experience and upgrade your security training program to the next level.

Curricula’s Customizations

When you sign up to use Curricula, your security awareness training platform has customizable features tailored for your program.

Notifications & Reminders

Customize Curricula notifications to include your own logo and custom brand colors.

Learner Dashboard

Give your employees a familiar dashboard to complete all of their required training.

Having rolled out Curricula’s training platform at three separate companies, you should also partner with this awesome team. From an administrative perspective, it was a breeze. Setting up the admin panel was so easy. I was able to schedule the videos, and then ‘set it and forget it’.

Kendra Cooley
Information Security Manager, Webflow

Phishing Reporting

Help your employees learn where and how to report phishing all from their dashboard.

Security Policies

Insert custom security policies that directly relate to each episode topic. We’ll help connect the dots between the cyber risk and why your organization created policies in the first place.

Contact Information

Give your employees the right information to reach the right people in your organization for help.

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