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How to Report Phishing

Employees receive several phishing emails a day and knowing where to report phishing is a key component to your phishing awareness training program.

Most employees are unsure where to report phishing in their organization. Simply deleting a phishing email isn’t a bad thing, but by working together to report phishing, we can all benefit.

Curricula’s security awareness platform includes an integrated phishing reporting service to help your organization catch phishing attacks fast. The quicker your IT security team is notified, the quicker a potential phishing attack can be stopped.

Phishing happens in seconds. But it only takes one employee to report a phishing attack to save your entire organization.

Let’s face it, employees don’t arrive at work hoping they can help you catch phishing attacks. That’s just not their job.

But with Curricula, we’ll turn your employees into reporting machines by changing their motivation behind why they should report phishing.

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Phishing Reporting is Fun with DeeDee

DeeDee is your phishing training partner that helps you run, manage, and report phishing tests with your employees. DeeDee transforms your organization with a phishing training program that builds a trusted partnership with your employees.

Gamified Employee Phishing Reporting

Your employees are actively rewarded for spotting phishing emails and reporting them using Curricula’s integrated phishing reporting service. The more phish-y emails your employees spot, the safer your organization gets.

Never worry about having a button installed or if you're on a mobile device. Curricula's phishing reporting service works on any device that has access email access.

How it Phishing Reporting Works

  • Setup your phishing mailbox – Employees need a simple way to report phishing. Your organization should create a mailbox such as [email protected] to help organize how phishing gets reported. You should add all of the relevant personnel that would need to be notified when a phish comes in the door.
  • Add Curricula as a recipient – Add Curricula’s phishing service mailbox in as a recipient. It can intelligently catch Curricula phishing tests and reward your employees.
  • Communicate why – Talk about why this is so important for the org to do. How it helps everyone stay safe. Why you need their help to get eyes on phishing attacks.
  • Reward and Review – Now you have a mailbox service dedicated to catching phish. You can use this service with any of your existing tools and processes.

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