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Curricula Launches Gamified Service to Report Phishing Emails

Nick Santora

Our employees are typically the first set of real eyes for what’s coming in the door. IT teams are understaffed and overwhelmed by the continued risk of phishing attacks hitting each and every one of their employees. They need help to spot phishing emails as they arrive.

To help, today Curricula launched a new service designed to gamify the phishing reporting experience for employees.

Now, Curricula customers can catch DeeDee, Curricula’s villain AI hacker, in the act by reporting one of her simulated phishing tests. Employees are then rewarded in the Curricula app and sent a positive note from DeeDee for spotting her. This new approach to reporting phishing truly puts your employees in the Curricula story as they defend in real-time against DeeDee. So when an employee receives a suspicious email, DeeDee is going to be the first thing on their mind.

Our team has the opportunity to help grow fun security awareness programs across a variety of industries. From healthcare, government, startups, manufacturing, higher education, and even non-profits. We continued to hear that motivating employees to report phishing was an area that every IT leader wanted to improve, but they didn’t quite know how or what to do.

Our mission at Curricula is to continue focusing on the employee experience to make your cyber security program stronger. Our new phishing reporting experience is really fun to use and we’re excited to see IT leaders leveraging Curricula in new and innovative ways.

Why should employees report phishing tests?

To successfully defend against phishing attacks, organizations of all sizes continue to integrate several cyber security vendors to work together. Most of our customers use a variety of different technical tools to try and stop phishing. Curricula plays an important role to help build awareness, train, and communicate with our customers on how to defend against hackers the old-fashioned way. The more you can motivate your employees to report phishing, the more informed your team will be to defend against phishing.

To set up the Curricula phishing reporting service, you simply add Curricula’s reporting mailbox to one of your group distribution lists or create an internal company contact. This can be something as simple as [email protected] to make it easy for employees. Anytime a Curricula phishing email is forwarded directly, indirectly, or as an attachment, the Curricula app acknowledges and rewards that employee. If it’s not one of Curricula’s phishing tests, that means a real phishing email may have been reported to your team and they will need to analyze it further.

This process is simple and repeatable for every employee to spot phishing emails on any device. Behind the scenes, you can continue to use all of the technologies and services to help in the fight against phishing.

We are so thankful to all of our customers who provided continuous feedback on this new approach to reporting phishing. Our team continues to build new content, tools, and ideas to help bring your security awareness program to life for each and every employee.

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