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Core Values

We're on a mission to fix boring security awareness programs.

Our team founded Curricula to make training fun so people actually started to care about cyber security. While cyber security training is a serious topic, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We call ourselves the ‘Curriculoos’ and are constantly looking for ways to make a positive impact in people’s lives.

Curricula believes security awareness is not what we do, but how we do it. Our Curriculoos are dedicated to supporting that mission through our core values.

Curricula Core Values

Be Simple

Curricula has always stood for making things simple and easy. Every part Curricula’s brand is designed to make our customers feel like we’ve made their lives easier. If we are overcomplicating things just for the sake of it, we are not standing for what we believe in as a company.

Be Fun

Curricula had the unique opportunity to take something that was really boring and make it fun. It goes without saying that our product and brand stands out in the crowd. But it doesn’t stop there. Curricula is focused on making every single day fun for our employees and not taking everything so serious both in and outside of work. Being fun and creative is what this company was built on and that theme resonates with everyone that interacts with a Curriculoo.

Be Helpful

We are accommodating to each other. We take work seriously and are passionate. We win together and we lose together. We all make mistakes and every Curriculoo takes an opportunity to improve themselves and the company. We’re never embarrassed to say if something looks stupid, it probably is.

Be Unique

Curricula was built on taking a chance on being ourselves in a world when everyone is just trying to fit the corporate culture and be like someone else. We have our own identity and approach to why we are so successful. Without that, we would not be here today. We never called it a risk — we called it being unique.

It’s important to Curricula that each employee embraces their own personality. We want everyone to bring their own culture and values to the table and tell their own story. Diversity amongst our team is what has made us so successful and that cannot be replicated.

Be Thoughtful

In a world where people just don’t think before they respond, we want to stand out. As a small business, we have the opportunity to differentiate ourselves by caring. Caring for each other. Caring for our customers. Caring for our product. Emotional intelligence is a driver behind the values of Curricula to ensure we all understand how our actions and words affect others. We care too much to let that go.

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