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Why Curricula

Let’s face it, security awareness training has always been pretty boring. Employees never got excited about taking their required security training. And they sure felt crummy after falling for a phishing test.

Plus, those “Death by PowerPoint” training presentations felt like someone squeezing lemon juice in their eyes. The whole process is outdated and just feels like a compliance chore for everyone involved.

Shouldn’t someone care about the employees that actually have to take the training? Employees are people, so shouldn’t we take the time to actually train them?

Just because security awareness training is important, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun.

Behavioral Science Based Approach

We rely heavily on science based approaches to learning. Curricula's training utilizes story-telling to capture and retain your employee's attention. Let's start your security awareness journey, together.

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Curricula is transforming the way everyone learns about cyber security with fun, relatable stories. We're on a mission to fix boring security awareness training.

Nick Santora

Curricula’s security awareness episodes are short and memorable which makes it easy for your employees to quickly relate to some of today’s biggest cyber threats. Our stories become part of your organization’s culture.

Without having a story of their own, it’s difficult for employees to understand the impact of a cyber attack. Curricula becomes their story, so they never experience one of their own.

We're Awesome at Telling Stories

Our creative team spends an incredible amount of time creating stories. Everything from characters, colors, design, story arc, music, background assets, Easter eggs, etc. are discussed in detail for each Curricula episode. The result is a powerful narration and security messaging that your employees can take home with them.

Simple + Fun = Curricula

Our Core Values describe everything Curricula stands for. We don’t overcomplicate things and we’re not too serious about ourselves. We care so much about every one of our customers and the content we put in their hands. Employees love us and you will too.

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