Curricula is now Huntress Security Awareness Training

Cyber Security Awareness Training for Utilities

Utilities need security awareness training to protect their employees from hackers targeting our critical infrastructure. Electric, water, gas, and other utilities are critical infrastructure we can’t live without. People rely on utilities to be secure, so we must help to secure their people.

We Speak Industrial Control Systems Security

Curricula’s first customers were electric utilities to help teach their employees about complex cyber security concepts in NERC CIP. We understand industrial control systems and the complexity your employees have to keep your operation up and running while staying compliant with NERC CIP.

Downtime isn’t an option.

Curricula’s cyber security awareness training program for utilities makes learning fun for everyone. Your employees will learn about everything from physical security to ransomware, in our short, relatable training content.

Select the training topics that you care most about, and we’ll take care of the rest. Your employees will be looking forward to their security training while keeping you compliant.

We have all our new employees watch the videos. On Day 1, I was asked, 'Have you met DeeDee yet?' It's that thought process that sticks with you from the get-go. It's so effective when DeeDee comes to life.

Instructional Designer/Trainer
Regional Utility

Your Security is Our Priority

Our mission is to keep your utility protected and your employees engaged with our fun, relatable training. Your customers and employees will thank you for caring so much about cyber security education.


NERC CIP Training Program for Utilities

Utilities in North America are responsible for meeting NERC CIP Compliance. Curricula’s NERC CIP Training Program trains your employees to meet CIP-004 R2 and CIP-004 R1 compliance.

Phishing Training for Utilities

As a utility, your employees are constantly being targeted by phishing attacks. But with Curricula’s phishing simulator, you’ll have the opportunity to simulate an attack in a safe training environment. With little help from your AI partner, DeeDee, your employees will learn how to defend against today’s modern phishing attacks.

Automate Everything for Your Utility’s Security Training

From employee onboarding, notification, and even phishing tests, Curricula will help you automate everything. The Curricula platform helps you automate everything from training, onboarding, and phishing simulations.

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