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SOC 2 Security Awareness Training for Employees

Curricula educates your employees about SOC 2 compliance with a simple and fun security awareness training program. Launch a fun, employee-friendly security awareness training program to start speaking the language of SOC 2 security controls.

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FREE for up to 1,000 employees. Setup in 15 minutes.

Find out why SaaS companies trust Curricula for their SOC 2 training

Companies that trust Curricula for their SOC 2 training

Fun SOC 2 training for every employee

Struggling to train your employees about the importance of SOC 2? Instead of a boring email or an all-hands meeting, you'll have access to our fun, animated training content that describes all the basics of SOC 2 for your employees.

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Security training is never a one-and-done. Employees need to be part of the SOC 2 conversation from the get-go. Curricula is a compelling way to make security education fun so employees actually learn from their training.

Adam Markowitz
Adam Markowitz
CEO, Drata

A Platform Startups Love

There's a reason why startups choose Curricula for their SOC 2 security training. We're simple, fun, and effective. Learn how you can bring your security culture to life with the Curricula platform.

Oh yeah and Curricula is completely FREE
for up to 1,000 employees.

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FREE SOC 2 Startup Kit

Startups need help building their security awareness program for SOC 2. That’s why our free SOC 2 startup kit helps make your entire employee SOC 2 security training program a breeze.

What’s Included?

SOC 2 Training
A fun and simple episode designed to explain SOC 2 compliance concepts to your employees about protecting customer data.
Phishing and Cyber Security Training
Our core episodes to launch your SOC 2 security awareness training requirements.
Compliance Reporting
Simple compliance reports are automatically generated to hand off to your auditors proving your security awareness compliance in seconds.
LMS Platform
Set automatic enrollment dates, scoring, and launch custom training content to your employees in our web-based eLearning platform.
Reminders and training notifications are sent out automatically to your employees, reminding them to complete their required training so you don’t have to lift a finger!
Phishing Simulator
Our integrated phishing simulator helps train employees using real-world simulated phishing tests sent by our character DeeDee.
Sync up with your directory service to automatically have employees imported and deactivated within the Curricula platform.
Custom Content Creator
Build your own custom training content on any topic and launch within minutes. Make learning fun using our simple integrated design tools.
Download security awareness posters and other fun content to further engage employees in your program.
Our team is here to help every step of the way of your SOC 2 journey. Anything from designing your content schedule to running reports for your auditors, we’ll have your back.

Simple Reports That
SOC 2 Auditors Love

Everyone knows how stressful going through a SOC 2 compliance audit can be, but not with Curricula. Snapshot all of your security awareness training evidence and records in seconds. Your auditors will thank you for using Curricula to demonstrate SOC 2 compliance of your required security awareness training program.

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Why You Should Be
SOC 2 Compliant

As your business grows, compliance regulations grow too. Your customers require your organization to achieve certain compliance certifications, such as SOC 2.

Curricula will help you achieve SOC 2 compliance by training your employees, documenting everything for the auditors, and do it all for less than a cup of coffee per employee. In just a few minutes you could be on your way to a safer, more effective SOC 2 information security awareness training program with Curricula.

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"Before finding out about Curricula we used a legacy security awareness vendor and it was a nightmare! Curricula made completing our SOC 2 training requirements so easy for me to manage and our employees love it."

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Wearing many hats is the name of the game when you’re a growing SaaS organization. Our integrations help with everything from employee syncing, notifications, and compliance management tools.

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Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions about SOC 2 ✌️

Is SOC 2 required for all SaaS companies?

No. In fact SOC 2 isn’t a legal requirement for anyone. But with that being said SOC 2 is one of the most common compiance frameworks that organizations use to demonstrate security and compliance for protecting customer data.

What are the 5 Trust Services Criteria for SOC 2?

Security is the only required criteria as part of any SOC 2 audit. Below is a summary of the 5 Trust Services Criteria.
1. Security: The security section of a SOC 2 audit examines both the physical and electronic forms of security in use.
2. Availability: Are your customers able to access the system as per contractual specifications?
3. Processing Integrity: If a company offers financial or e-commerce transactions, audit reports should include details on controls designed to safeguard transactions.
4. Confidentiality: Are there any restrictions on how data is shared? Include how data is stored, transferred, and accessed as well as adherence procedures for privacy policies.
5. Privacy: Unlike confidentiality, this area focuses on how your organization collects and uses customer information. Your privacy policy must align with actual operational procedures.

Does SOC 2 tell me exactly what to do?

No. While SOC 2 may outline the controls needed, it is up to you and your organization to define what and how those controls operate. There is a lot of flexibility in SOC 2 that your auditor will ask how and why you got to your conclusion to implement those controls. Then they will ensure they are operating as expected.

Is Curricula really free for SOC 2?

Yes! Curricula is designed to grow with an organization and its needs starting from Day 1. Our free plan gives every startup the basic necessities to build and launch their first security awareness program effortlessly. Then as your security program matures, we offer additional paid plans that will unlock more content and tools for a mature security awareness program.

Ready to level-up your security culture?

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