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Slack integration for Curricula security awareness training platform. Automate training notifications and reminders for your employees.

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Most organizations use Slack for internal communications, so we created a simple integration that allows your employees to receive their Curricula notifications via Slack and access their training right from your Slack Workspace.

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Hey Johnny đź‘‹

You have a new phishing training episode you are required to complete.

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Add your own custom message to our default notifications on new content, new assignments, training reminders, and training completions. Modify your messages as often as you need.

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Slack Icons for Days

Download our library of Slack emojis to start using Curricula in your organization’s Slack conversations.

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Watch out for DeeDee

Employees will learn how to keep an eye out for DeeDee’s phishing simulation emails and report her when they suspect something is phishy! Phishing simulations are part of Curricula’s fun security awareness platform.

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Enjoy Learning

Enjoy the entire Curricula app with our fun original security awareness training library, custom content creator, phishing simulator, security awareness posters, downloads, and a whole lot more to help your organization build a security culture!

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