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Curricula Providing Free Security Awareness Training Workshop at NERC GridSecCon 2018

Nick Santora

Curricula is providing a free security awareness training workshop (with paid conference registration) on October 16 at GridSecCon 2018 being held in Las Vegas, October 16-19. The workshop is focused on building a successful security awareness and phishing simulation program. A full description of the training workshop is provided below. We hope to see you there!

Overview Many organizations have security awareness programs, but are they looking at the emotional intelligence behind their design? How do you make your employees love security? We will learn how to change your focus and get employees to become your best defense.

Section 1: Introduction to Security Awareness Elements Security awareness starts with understanding the basic principles behind psychology and human behavior. Changing the way we communicate information to our employees is the key to success. This session highlights marketing and advertising principals, along with understanding metrics that matter to powerful security awareness programs.

Section 2: Building Your Plan Successful security awareness requires a plan. We will walk through how to build your ambassador program, security awareness roadmap, and provide detailed information on how to successfully launch a phishing simulation program. This session includes demonstrations of detailed phishing simulation tests and how to approach the ongoing exercise of phishing prevention training.

We will review the following guides:

– Security awareness program assessment

– Security awareness ambassador program

– Phishing simulation best practices

– Phishing lessons learned

– Phishing recovery questions

– Metrics for executives

Section 3: Case Study and Best Practices Time to put all your new knowledge to use. Review case studies that require thinking outside the box and being creative. There are no right answers here, but the group will scrutinize historically predictable approaches. This session will explain best practices from successful security awareness programs. Your new perspective will give you the insight, tools, and motivation to start making a change in your own security awareness and phishing simulation program.

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