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Curricula Debuts a Simple LMS and Story-Based eLearning Platform

Lauren Patrick

Customers can create their own custom story-based training content within Curricula’s eLearning platform to make employee training fun.

ATLANTA – March 3, 2021 – Curricula, the fun eLearning company, is proud to announce the launch of its Learning Management System which includes an integrated eLearning authoring tool, Creator. Curricula customers can now create their own custom employee training content and courses with videos, quizzes, and other media that utilizes Curricula’s fun storytelling approach

“Our customers kept asking how they could make their own online training more fun for their employees,” said Nick Santora, CEO and founder of Curricula. “We believe that every business should be able to create simple, fun, and relatable training content. Curricula is advocating a whole new approach behind how to create online training, rather than just managing it.”

The new Curricula LMS platform is integrated with all of the popular identity providers to automatically sync employee data and report on employees’ training scores. Organizations can use Creator to build their own compliance training, new employee onboarding, and any other custom content in a matter of minutes.

“Curricula customers now have the same capabilities as our in-house creative team,” said Joe Rucci, CTO of Curricula. “We thought it was important to focus on the fact that you don’t have to be a designer to make awesome content. And now all your training can live inside of our simple-to-use LMS platform.”

Curricula’s new content authoring software sets out to achieve three major principles:

  1. Simple – anyone can create, manage, and deliver awesome-looking online training content in minutes, without being a designer.
  2. Fun – produce story-based training with animated characters, heroes, villains, and other content with Curricula’s library of assets and graphics.
  3. Relatable – organizations can develop more effective employee training by focusing on the learning experience.

“Our mission to make security awareness training fun is expanding to include all online learning. I’m excited to see the new training stories our customers dream up with the help of our LMS software,” Santora said.


Founded in 2015, Curricula is a fun eLearning platform that uses story-based learning to fix boring employee training programs. For more information visit:

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