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Personas in Security Awareness

Most security awareness training responsibility falls only in the hands of IT. We don’t think that’s fair to IT or the rest of the organization because we are all working together to stay secure.

Curricula recognizes that there are more players involved in building a security culture in your organization, so why is all the pressure on IT?

Learn more about why each of these personas rely on Curricula to help them with their role and work together to keep their organization secure.

Why CISOs Love Curricula?

Chief Information Security Officers are responsible for leading the security vision of an organization. The best CISOs recognize that building a security culture is a priority to maintain an excellent cyber security program. They believe security starts with their people.

CISOs choose Curricula because of its positive impact on their organization. They simply don’t just check the box to get security awareness done, they intentionally focus on building a security culture with their employees, listen to new risks, and transform their organizations into powerful security focused businesses. CISOs love Curricula because they realize employee security awareness training isn’t just a check the box exercise, it’s a top priority to get it right.

Why IT Directors Love Curricula?

IT Directors have a lot on their plate with a responsibility to identify and implement technology needs for the organization. IT Directors choose Curricula for 2 reasons:

  • It’s easy to set up and manage
  • Their employees love the content

IT directors can easily communicate phishing results to their management team, helping them showcase their organization’s cyber risk. Curricula’s automation tools and integrations help them save time to help with putting out other technical fires. IT Directors love Curricula because they know their employees pay attention to our fun relatable training content. Employees respect them, helping them stay safe both at home and at work.

The thing we loved about Curricula was the content. It pushed it above everybody else... DeeDee is definitely the favorite. You come away from the episodes with her and then realize that there are humans out there like that, and she embodies all those people.

Michael Clough
Information Security Officer, Technical College System of Georgia

Why CIOs Love Curricula?

Chief Information Officers recognize what is at risk by not using Curricula. A bad security awareness training program leads to more breaches and CIOs aren’t in the business of getting hacked. They are focused on different ways they can prevent the next data breach and acknowledge a great security awareness program is the answer. CIOs love Curricula because it meets compliance while truly educating their employees about the cyber risks their organization faces every day.

Why Privacy Teams Love Curricula

Privacy teams love Curricula because they know that building a privacy awareness program isn’t about just checking the box. Privacy is about doing the right thing while maintaining compliance. Curricula’s privacy-focused episodes help educate why it’s important to implement a privacy program and showcase what could happen if that direction isn’t followed. Privacy teams love Curricula for its simple privacy stories and dedication to privacy. Curricula’s content also discusses many privacy frameworks through its episodes.

Security awareness is not a one size fits all. You’ll have people in your organization who think they know it all from a security perspective, so you have to be able to turn it up a notch…

Kendra Cooley
Senior Information Security Manager, Webflow

Why CEOs Love Curricula

The CEO is responsible for the actions of an entire organization, including the cyber security program. Great CEOs recognize they can’t ignore cyber security. They can’t just push the responsibility of security off to someone without understanding what’s at risk.

Leading CEOs choose Curricula because it’s simple, fun, and effective at educating their employees about cyber security risks. They know one employee mistake can be the next headline and preventing a breach means the world to protect the business. They love our simple reports and dashboards to make learning cyber security easy for everyone.

Why CTOs Love Curricula

The innovative CTO is always looking for emerging technologies to use in their organization. While CTOs are typically focused on the internal technologies of an organization, they need to ensure their engineers and technical staff keep their systems safe. CTOs love Curricula integrated phishing simulator to test their engineers and promote security best practices.

It's great to see a new company focused on doing good work to keep our employees engaged and ultimately our business safe. Curricula is solving a big problem for the technology world by making security awareness training fun.

Eric Vass
CTO, Terminus

Why Compliance Teams Love Curricula

Compliance is becoming part of every organization and can’t be ignored. But great compliance leaders realize that being compliant doesn’t necessarily mean being secure. They understand a great compliance program is built on identifying and managing risk.

Compliance teams love Curricula because of how easy it is to manage and demonstrate how they are compliant with their security awareness training in the snap of their fingers. They can set up their security awareness compliance training in minutes and employees actually look forward to training. That’s the reason compliance teams love Curricula.

Why HR teams Love Curricula

HR teams want their employees to be happy and safe above all else. When those needs are taken care of, the company can focus on its mission. HR helps onboard new employees and teaches the organizational policies when stores some pretty sensitive information.

HR teams typically don’t have an IT security background, so they chose Curricula because we make it fun. They recognize the importance of making learning fun for employees. Policies and procedures are important, but if no one understands them, then what is the point? HR teams love Curricula because they can document and track all new employee onboarding training and records in one dashboard. Curricula makes it easy.

Why CFOs Love Curricula

CFOs don’t want to get hit by ransomware. They don’t want to recover from a costly data breach. They don’t want to ruin their reputation with customers because of a cyber attack. They understand that employee security awareness training is a priority to make this a reality. CFOs love Curricula’s simple pricing and affordable pricing plans for their budget. They recognize that a quality security awareness training program is one of the best cyber security investments their organization can make.

Why Employees Love Curricula

We saved the best for last. Employees are the backbone of our organization and are the entire reason we have a security awareness training program in the first place. The problem is that employees typically never get to choose their security awareness program! We don’t think that’s fair and want employees to have a voice in their options.

For years employees have been forced into boring security awareness programs, but with Curricula that all changes. They’re excited to take security training and can’t wait for their next episode to become available. Employees choose Curricula because it’s fun, exciting, and memorable.

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