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Our Story

Curricula was created with a vision: To improve the content, management, and delivery of cyber security awareness training. Our primary focus was to change the perception that cyber security is only left for the experts to understand, it is everyone’s responsibility. Curricula developed a platform that engages learners in an innovative, story-based learning environment.

We were tired of seeing boring Death By PowerPoint presentations with dry meaningless content. Learners can’t retain this type of information and truthfully forget the content just a few hours later. Our team focused on explaining cyber security concepts in a fun, adaptive learning environment that rewards learners as they make their journey through our cyber security training content and stories. The goal is for our learners to identify and understand cyber security risks and make educated decisions for themselves, their peers, and their company. Without having a story of their own, it’s difficult for employees to experience the risks associated with a cyber attack, so Curricula becomes that story.

Our team brings decades of experience in cyber security, technology education, user experience, design, compliance, and risk. Our CEO was formerly the cyber security advisor at NERC, which is the organization responsible for regulating and protecting the power grid in North America. Our creative team previously developed brand awareness campaigns in NYC for organizations such as Nike, Disney, Coca-Cola, and other internationally recognized brands.

Curricula was founded in 2015 and is proudly headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

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