Curricula is now Huntress Security Awareness Training

Curricula Okta Integration for Security Awareness Training

Curricula can integrate directly with Okta to automate your security awareness training program. Curricula will automatically keep your employees synced using your Okta Universal Directory to help you stay organized.

Okta Integration for Employees

Curricula will automatically keep employees in sync with your Okta Universal Directory. Automatically sync employee names, emails, departments, employee ID, and current status through our integration.

New Employee Onboarding

When a new employee is hired, the Curricula platform will automatically enroll them into your security awareness training. When an employee leaves your organization, the Curricula platform will automatically de-activate them to block their access. Provisioning employees has never been easier.

SSO Authentication

In addition to simple Access Code and Magic Link authentication, Curricula also integrates with Okta to authenticate your employees using SSO. Say goodbye to multiple passwords and give your employees easy access to their security awareness training.

Automatic Employee Notifications

Never have to worry about reminding your employees to complete their required security training. The Curricula platform automatically seeks out employees that need to complete their required training and sends them custom reminders.

Setup in Minutes

In less than 10 minutes, your program will be automatically synced and ready to launch right away. No clunky software to install, just connect the Curricula app to your Okta Identity Cloud Directory and we’ll take care of the rest! Employees are a tile click away from their security awareness training.

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