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NERC CIP Compliance Training

Looking for a NERC CIP-004 R2 training program your employees will actually understand?

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NERC CIP Training Program

The Curricula NERC CIP Training Program will teach your organization the required objectives in CIP-004 R2. Say goodbye to boring and complicated PowerPoint slides and hello to a simple, fun, and effective NERC CIP training experience.

Training is the foundation of your NERC CIP compliance program

A strong NERC CIP Compliance Training program is the first step towards a more compliant organization. Utility security experts know that Curricula’s visual training approach to learning NERC CIP not only makes them compliant, but ensures every employee understands how to keep their organization secure. NERC CIP training is an annual requirement, but employees that train with Curricula wish it was more often.

Train Anywhere

Launch training in your own LMS using SCORM or with our fully managed platform.

Alerts and Notifications

Get notified before learners miss or lapse their required CIP training.

Developed by the Experts

Our program was designed and developed by former NERC CIP Compliance staff.

Custom NERC CIP Compliance Training

We speak NERC CIP, and your employees should too. The Curricula NERC CIP Training program breaks down complicated NERC CIP requirements into simple and relatable concepts. Customize your program to align with your organization’s specific processes, procedures, and contact information.

Custom Compliance Reporting

Customized reports to visualize your CIP compliance training program. We are your training experts and are available to support you every step of the way to meet CIP-004 R2.


CIP-004 R2 Requirements

Curricula’s NERC CIP Training Program was custom built by former NERC staff. The training program consists of the required 9 objective requirements under CIP-004 R2 as well as an introductory module that defines the roles of FERC, NERC, the Regions, and why CIP cyber security compliance is so important. Our inspirational introduction sets the pace for your employees as they learn to speak the language of CIP compliance.

Module 0 – FERC, NERC, and the Regions

Module 1 – Cyber Security Policies

Module 2 – Physical Access Controls

Module 3 – Electronic Access Controls

Module 4 – Visitor Control Program

Module 5 – BES Cyber System Information

Module 6 – Identification of Cyber Security Incidents

Module 7 – Recovery Plans of BCAs

Module 8 – Cyber Security Incident Response

Module 9 – Interconnectivity of BCAs, Transient Cyber Assets, and Removable Media

CIP-004 R1 Cyber Security Awareness Bundle

Curricula’s NERC CIP Training Program includes everything you need for launching a cybersecurity awareness training program under CIP-004 R1. Stay compliant and have fun with Curricula.

NERC CIP Training

Custom Reporting – Run detailed reports on CIP compliance status.

Updates Included – We automatically update you with NERC CIP content, standards, and policies.

Simple Onboarding – Quickly deploy Curricula CIP training content to any learner on any device.

No Plugins Required– Our web-based platform performs on any HTML5 enabled browser.

SCORM Compliant – SCORM 1.2 is used for Curricula CIP Training.

Certificate of Compliance – Each learner will receive a custom certificate upon completing CIP training.

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