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KnowBe4 Alternative Security Awareness Training Vendor

Looking for a Knowbe4 alternative for security awareness training and phishing simulation program?

Don’t worry you’re not alone! Curricula has quickly become the most sought-after vendor for companies looking for an alternative simple, fun, and effective security awareness training program. Curricula can be setup and launched in just 15 minutes and is a fun alternative to Knowbe4.

Break-up with KnowBe4
What is Curricula

Most IT leaders don’t want to switch security awareness training vendors because they think it will be too much of a headache to transition to another vendor. They know they have a big problem with employees not paying attention to their training and it’s becoming a headache to manage. This ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ attitude is actually the bigger concern. Employees are resenting boring security awareness training which leads to a high risk of them falling victim to common cyber attacks.

Here are the

Top reasons why you should switch to Curricula's fun security awareness training platform 🚀

Simple Setup

Getting started with Curricula takes about 15 minutes from signup to launch. Connect your employees into our platform through our integrations, pick the content you want to launch, then hit go. It’s that easy to start! You’ll also have the flexibility to update things along the way like custom branding, policies, contact info, and more.

Fun Content

Curricula created the industry’s most fun and relatable security awareness content that employees love. All of our content is developed by our in-house creative team including storyboarding, music, and characters. Our creative approach stems from behavioral-science based education knowledge.

Security Awareness Training Topics

Gamified Phishing Simulator

DeeDee is our AI villain character that helps you run phishing simulation tests with your employees. Employees have fun reporting DeeDee and are rewarded in the app for catching her phishing tests. DeeDee helps establish a better overall security culture by positively influencing employees to make better security decisions.

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"I actually had people reaching out to me asking, when are you releasing the next video? When I’d heard from Curricula that people would do this I thought, uh huh, sure... but that really truly happened!""

Kendra Cooley
Senior Information Security Manager, Webflow

Create Customized Content

All Curricula accounts include access to Creator which allows you to build your own custom training content in a simple visual tool. Upload videos, add quizzes, and create any content you would like all with just a few clicks. You can save that content and use Curricula’s built-in automation features to launch it in seconds. Now HR can also be involved in using Curricula as a company-wide LMS with unlimited capabilities to build any custom content.

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Easy Compliance Reporting

Everyone has to complete some type of compliance and it couldn’t be easier than with Curricula. Simple compliance reports can be generated in seconds for your auditors and compliance evidence. Curricula’s approach is to look far beyond checking the box for compliance and truly working with your employees to build a strong security culture.

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Level-Up Your Security Culture

Curricula fits well with almost every culture and just because the subject of cyber security is serious, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun to learn. Our content is embraced by employees of every age, demographic, and location around the globe. Utilities, SaaS startups, healthcare, casinos, CPA firms, universities, and everything in between Curricula just works. Employees will start to talk about and use our characters in conversation as part of your company culture.

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Simple Integrations

Curricula integrates with a variety of identity providers and active directories such as Microsoft, OKTA, Google, OneLogin, LDAP, and more to automatically keep your employee in sync. You can automate the majority of tasks in Curricula to let the platform automatically enroll, remind, and train employees so you can focus on more important parts of your day.

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Helpful Support

One of Curricula’s core values is to be helpful. We are here as an extension of your team to give you advice and best practices on how to make the most out of Curricula. Building a security culture doesn’t happen overnight, but with Curricula you can ensure you have the best people cheering you on. Our ‘Curriculoos’ are here to make your program a success.

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Employees Love Us

We wouldn’t be here without outstanding feedback from employees that participate in our training. Although they didn’t have a choice in which program they are put in, it’s apparent that our content blows the doors off any other experience they have been through. When your employees talk positively about security, it builds a whole new perception of what a security awareness training program should be in your organization.

Awesome Community

All of our customers are awesome. They are happy to share their best practices with you and talk about ways to get through tough compliance audits and deal with other cyber defenses as a community.

We are happy to connect you with best practices from our customers and help make everyone safer by working together.

We Care

Ultimately we are good people. Our team cares a lot about each other and the people we choose to work with. You’ll notice that from Day 1 working with Curricula and our mission to fix boring security awareness training. We strongly follow our own code of ethics to ensure that we continue to make a positive impact in this industry. If we all work together, we can make a big impact on our employees, our companies, and keep the world safer from cyber threats.

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