Curricula is now Huntress Security Awareness Training

Integrations for Your Security Awareness Training

Curricula security awareness training integrations are designed to make your job (and life) easier. Our SaaS platform integrates with your favorite technologies and services to automate your security awareness program. Utilize the tools your employees are already familiar with and save time with automation.

Seamlessly Sync Using Our Employee Directory IntegrationsIntegrate with your directory service provider to automatically keep employees in sync with the Curricula platform. Curricula will automatically sync employee names, email, departments, employee ID, and current status through our platform integrations. Never install clunky syncing software again.

Microsoft Integration

Using Microsoft Active Directory with Azure? In just a couple of minutes, connect to your Microsoft 365 Directory to start syncing your employees to Curricula.

Learn About Microsoft Integration

Okta Integration

Our Okta Integration allows you to sync with the Universal Directory on your Okta account.

Learn About Okta Integration

Google Integration

Use our Google Integration to automatically sync with your Google G Suite Directory.

Learn About Google Integration

OneLogin Integration

OneLogin Integration designed to automatically sync your employees to the Curricula directory.

Learn About OneLogin Integration

LDAP Integration

LDAP Integration designed to automatically sync your employees to the Curricula from your local or remote LDAP server.

Learn About LDAP Integration

SSO Authentication

Never manage separate passwords again. In addition to simple Access Code and Magic Link authentication options, Curricula also works with your SSO identity provider using SAML.

Automatic Employee Notifications for Security Training

Never have to worry about reminding your employees to complete their training. The Curricula platform automatically seeks out employees that need to complete their required security training and sends them custom email reminders.

LMS Integrations for Security Awareness Training

Are you required to utilize a central Learning Management System (LMS)? Curricula content can be imported as a SCORM compatible file so you can utilize your current LMS for your security awareness training program.

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