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Nick Santora

The Electricity Sector and Information Sharing and Analysis Center or ES-ISAC is now known simply as the Electricity Information Sharing and Analysis Center or E-ISAC. This is part of a rebranding effort that includes a new website and the introduction of The Operations Desk which offers a central channel to escalate physical security and cyber security issues related to the security of the Bulk Electric System in North America. The Operations Desk also allows members to gain cybersecurity services such as Indicator of Compromise analysis and malware reverse engineering, and has the ability to quickly disseminate information.

The E-ISAC is operated on behalf of the Electricity Subsector by the North American Electric Reliability Corporation.

The E-ISAC establishes situational awareness, incident management, coordination, and communication capabilities within the electricity sector through timely, reliable, and secure information exchange. The E-ISAC, in collaboration with the Department of Energy and the Electricity Sector Coordinating Council (ESCC), serves as the primary security communications channel for the electricity sector and enhances the sector’s ability to prepare for and respond to cyber and physical threats, vulnerabilities, and incidents.

The E-ISAC provides security services to electricity service owners and operators in the USA, Canada, and portions of Mexico. The E-ISAC’s mission is to be the trusted source for Electricity Subsector security information. The E-ISAC gathers and analyzes security information, coordinates incident management, and communicates mitigation strategies with stakeholders within the Electricity Subsector, across interdependent sectors, and with government partners.

CIP-008 still identifies the ES-ISAC as the primary point of contact to identify and report Reportable Cyber Security Incidents but I am sure that will change in time. The important thing to remember here is to update your documentation, processes, procedures, and cyber security incident response plan to identify any changes that have been made.

The new domain for accessing the E-ISAC portal is

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