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Downloads for Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Posters & More Digital Downloads

With Curricula, you’ll get access to a suite of marketing tools to help promote content right to your employees.

In addition to security training episodes, we provide a series of security awareness posters and digital signage.

A great way to connect the digital world to the physical world, our security awareness downloads are designed to capture employees’ attention.

Curricula’s downloadable content highlights security concepts focused on the same security campaigns your IT team is releasing.

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Key Takeaways Supporting Security Training

After your employees complete their required training, they need a reminder of the key takeaways and best practices to keep this information top of mind.

Every Curricula episode comes with digital downloads directly reflecting the content, covering the most important topics that your employees can be reminded with at a glance.

When dealing with employee training, you will want to have access to other tools that will help promote your brand of security. This series of digital and physical content increases security awareness amongst your teams and helps to build a culture of security.

All of this content follows a consistent themed message for your employees – all part of your plan for a successful content delivery strategy.

Security Awareness Training Topics

Explore Security Awareness Content from Curricula

Your organization needs to defend against cyber attacks. Plain and simple. An awareness program is the elementary part of this defense and it starts with your employees.

Download print-ready posters and additional content resources directly relating to each security awareness episode.

Simple, consistent messaging increases the effectiveness of your cyber security awareness training program.

Phishing Defense Guide

Give your employees the information they need to defend against phishing attacks. The Curricula Phishing Defense Guide is readily available…

Aware Card

Collect aware cards as a reward for completing training


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