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Meet DeeDee, Our Villain 5-year-old hacker

DeeDee makes cyber security awareness training fun

Meet DeeDee, Our Villain Hacker

DeeDee is our 'villain' at Curricula. Sure, she may look like an adorable little girl, but just like a real hacker, DeeDee represents the cyber threats that can impact your organization particularly through phishing and social engineering. She debuted in Curricula's very first security awareness training episode and has since 'evolved' to also run our phishing simulator.

Curricula’s phishing simulation experience is a powerful tool available to information security teams, with a little help from DeeDee. No longer is IT the one to blame for testing your employees. DeeDee is your accomplice for launching phishing tests and managing your phishing campaigns.

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Your employees will be on a mission to catch DeeDee in the act, similar to how they should always be on the lookout for a potential email scam.

You come away from the training with DeeDee and realize that there are humans out there like that, and she embodies all those people.

Kendra Cooley, Senior Information Security Manager

DeeDee Helps Employees Keep Their Devices Locked

DeeDee becomes part of your company culture. She even lives on our microsite to help employees have a little fun if they catch an unattended device with a co-worker or friend.

Why Employees Love DeeDee

DeeDee is fun and relatable. She becomes the “face” of phishing for your organization because employees remember her. As DeeDee becomes a household name, you’ll start hearing employees use her in conversation.

DeeDee changes the way employees think about phishing forever.

DeeDee's Disastrous DayTo properly introduce DeeDee, we wrote a story about her nefarious adventures. For your reading pleasure, we present a short poem about our villain hacker.


DeeDee has a problem
And it comes from being needy
As cute and sweet as she appears
DeeDee has gotten greedy.

DeeDee is an only child
Her mom and dad are busy
So when she sits at home alone
Her brain is in a tizzy

DeeDee has a lot of friends
But she isn’t very nice
She’s becoming quite the brat
And phishing is her vice.

DeeDee spends all her time online
She learned how to code at three
At age five she phished someone,
And filled her evil heart with glee.

She built herself a secret space
Underground beneath her bed
This little girl had her own a lair
And an imaginary pal in her head.

DeeDee has a teddy bear 
Orzo is its name
And when they play together
Hacking is the game.

No one takes DeeDee seriously
Not even her friends at school
So much that her pal Harper’s dad
Ended up a social engineering tool.

DeeDee loves the pop star Joshhh
Everyone else does, too
And when his concert sold out fast
She knew what she had to do.

DeeDee wrote a phishing email
Pretending to confirm the ticket
But when Harper’s dad read the scam
He just went ahead and clicked it.

To make sure her plot worked
DeeDee did what’s known as vishing
So she then called up the box office
And used the info from her phishing.

DeeDee is an evil hacker
But since narcissists feel no pain
She got to go see Joshhh in concert
And left poor Harper in the rain.

Hackers are garbage humans
So this story seems to say
Be wary of these potential hacks
Or else DeeDee gets her way.

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