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Curriculaville Speaker Spotlights: Customer Panel

Nick Santora

Curriculaville is sadly halfway over, so we wanted to bring attention to our webinar panel of honorary Curriculoo’s and information security practitioners. The webinar discussed their experience with security awareness training and how that changed their organization’s security culture and cyber hygiene. But before you watch that, we wanted to properly introduce everyone who joined in on the fun.

Let’s Meet Our Panelists

Eric Sanchez

CISO, Kyowa Kirin

Currently, a CISO and advisor for a number of organizations including Kyowa Kirin, Eric has had a rich history in the world of cyber. He served 12 years in the C.I.A. as Manager of Global Cyber Operations and after that, he worked with multiple organizations overseeing and advising their security needs. Eric has built a solid reputation as an innovative cyber security leader, which has been fueled by his passion for making an impact on mitigating cyber threats.

Eric is a four (yes 4!) time Curricula customer. He began security awareness training for compliance such as HIPAA and SOC 2, then decided he wanted to take the fun route to allow employees to engage, learn and associate cyber situations with the Curricula characters and storylines. Since then he has brought us to three different companies and has the new goal of wanting to integrate security awareness into all of his employees’ everyday lives, both personally and professionally.

Tony Gagliardi

Compliance Manager, Drata

Tony is a Compliance Manager at Drata overseeing compliance initiatives such as Security & Awareness Training, Vendor Risk Management, and much more. Prior to Drata, he served as a Senior Analyst for Security, Risk & Compliance at Alteryx and a GRC Manager at Ping Identity. Tony’s certifications include CISSP, and he holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Drata is both a customer and partner of Curricula. We’ve aligned as partners to bring fun security awareness training for organizations going through SOC compliance.

Amanda Vasquez

Compliance Analyst, Vimeo

Currently working as a Compliance Analyst for Vimeo, an all-in-one video platform service. Amanda started her career in IT and has now specialized her skillset to be compliance and security-focused. Amanda has helped establish the importance of cyber hygiene at Vimeo and continues to build out their amazing security culture while staying compliant.

Now in her first year as a Curricula training administrator, Amanda and her team began to ramp up their security awareness program through innovative ideas. One of which includes going above and beyond to gamify their training process and get people engaged with cyber security awareness in a fun way. She calls it a ‘win-win’ because employees get incentivized and motivated to be cyber safe while the organization gets better protected.

Andrew Broyhill

Compliance & Cyber Security Analyst, CEPC

Andrew is currently tasked with drafting, implementing, and overseeing the processes for Central Electric Power Cooperative compliance with NERC CIP federal standards. After completing his formal education in cyber security, Andrew made a splash early in his career and is now in charge of identifying, responding, investigating, and remediating cyber security threats for multiple member cooperatives including CEPC. His passion for cyber security and aspiration to do things differently makes Andrew one to watch out for as an up-and-coming cyber leader.

This is Andrew’s first year as a Curricula customer, but lucky for us he’s been a reported fan for quite some time. Andrew had been championing for Curricula but it wasn’t until he was put solely in charge of security awareness training that he was able to do an entire overhaul on their current process and make the switch.

Want to learn more?

Needless to say, every single one of these panelists is incredible at what they do. Replay the webinar to hear from each of these cyber practitioners’ experiences, challenges, and advice in the webinar “Remarkable Security Awareness Training – Practitioners Explore. Experience. Share.”

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