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Curriculaville 2021 Recap

Nick Santora

Well, that’s a wrap for Curriculaville 2021! Thank you to everyone who attended our event series to teach everyone how to #BeCyberSmart. We are building an awesome virtual community around cybersecurity and are thankful to have you as part of our mission to make security awareness training fun for everyone.

In case you missed it, Curriculaville is an annual event we host during National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This year we decided to celebrate all month long with weekly webinars featuring experts in cybersecurity, InfoSec leaders, and information technology professionals working on the frontlines to run security awareness programs for their organizations.

For those of you who couldn’t attend all of the webinars or are coming late to the party, we’ve documented the highlights for each session and attached the recordings for you to watch at your convenience.

How Do We Get Everyone to Be Cyber Smart?

Starring: Chris Painter and Nick Santora (CISA, CISSP)

Rewatch Chris and Nick’s one-on-one chat as they discuss cyber awareness ethics, managerial buy-in, and how you can #BeCyberSmart. Chris delves into his vast careerof trailblazing in the cybersecurity industry as one of the first cybercriminal prosecutors, Senior Deputy of the F.B.I.’s Cyber Division, and an advisor for the White House.

Some questions answered:

  • The perception in the cyber industry is that criminals are ‘cool’ and ethics can be ignored. How do you feel about ethics in the industry and people boasting about their criminal past?
  • How do we get people to care? What suggestions do you have for how IT managers, CISO’s, and security admins can get the executive management team more involved in cybersecurity?
  • How do we get organizations to shift from ‘death by powerpoint’ and look for something better?

Behind the Scenes of a Breach

Starring: Tiago Henriques and Nick Santora (CISA, CISSP)

Explore what actually happens when a breach occurs from the perspective of a cyber insurer. Tiago, Director of Security Engineering at Coalition, discusses the reality of what we’re up against and how to prevent a breach from occurring. 

Some questions answered:

  • What patterns and commonalities do you see organizations that have experienced a breach share?
  • What’s your recommendation on incident response strategies (tabletop, simulation, etc.)?
  • What type of requirements are needed for a cyber policy and will this change in the future?

Remarkable Security Awareness Training – Practitioners Explore. Experience. Share.

Starring: Andrew Broyhill, Eric Sanchez, Tony Gagliardi & Amanda Vasquez

Hear from some Curricula customers as they talk about their security awareness journey of starting, switching, and creating a better security awareness training (SAT) program. Our expert leaders who run their security awareness program will be sharing their advice and best practices for getting employees engaged in cybersecurity efforts.

Some questions answered:

  • Was there a trigger event (such as a data breach or compliance requirement) that got your organization to begin security awareness training?
  • How does your organization’s measure and define the success of the your SAT program?
  • What creative or unique initiatives are your organizations doing outside of the training platform to drive engagement with your employees?

Everything is Connected – Seeing the Bigger Picture

Starring: Leslie Daigle, David Muxfeld & Lisa Plaggemier

Recognizing the current problems facing IT decision-makers, our expert panel of cyber leaders discusses what the future of the industry could look like. The topics include what investments your organizations should be making in cyber security, workforce development, and the increasing threat of ransomware. 

A few of the questions answered:

  • What are the concrete ways you’ve seen cybersecurity change during the pandemic?
  • There are so many ways to start improving our basic cyber security hygiene as individuals and organizations, what’s a baby step organizations can do to get started?
  • How can nontraditional applicants without a 4-year degree get involved in the cybersecurity industry? And what skills need to be developed for these entry-level roles?

Spillin’ Securi-Tea! InfoSec Practitioner Panel

Starring: Kendra Cooley, Barak Engel & Craig Goodwin

In a candid chat, our cyber expert’s panel of Infosec Leaders debated some of the hottest security topics ranging from hiring, diversity, and current events. Rewatch for a nice cup of ‘Securi-Tea’.

Some questions answered:

  • What’s the worst real-life phishing attack you’ve seen firsthand?
  • What’s the most overhyped technology or popular buzzword that’s used in the industry today?
  • On the topic of hiring in cybersecurity, how can we help create a new cyber security workforce and give people a chance to get into the industry?

Just because National Cybersecurity Month is over doesn’t mean your organization’s cyber security efforts are too. Cyber attacks can happen 24/7/365, which means you and your employee cyber security awareness program should be ongoing and not just an annual training.

Please enjoy all of the recordings and feel free to share them with someone who would find them helpful. We’ll see you all next year for Curriculaville 2022!

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