Curricula is now Huntress Security Awareness Training


“The content was so good, people got excited about it, and our security program was rewarded by building trust between our information security team and our employees..."

Maru Group

"The good thing about Curricula is everyone is loving it. We love DeeDee. We try to sneak her in wherever we can as part of our security awareness training routine."

Cohere Health

"Most of the training in HIPAA is very dry with a ‘check the box’ kind of mentality… I was looking for something different and was introduced to Curricula. I loved this new idea with how to present this information."


I now have employees telling me how much they enjoy the Curricula content, and I also see organic mentions of DeeDee and information security topics brought up in company conversations.


"Curricula is a fun, positive way to talk about the important risks that could drastically impact our business."


"Curricula's lessons stick, which ensures our employees are positively engaged in cybersecurity. That was reason enough to switch."

Ready to level-up your security culture?

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