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Simple Online Training Assignments for Employees

Setup Online Training in Minutes

Quickly launch online training content to your employees in minutes with Assignments. Customize your online learning content, set passing scores, auto-enrollment rules, notifications, and track compliance, all in just a few clicks using Assignments.

New Employee Onboarding Made Easy

Assignments can be used to help automate onboarding new employees into the training you need. Activate automatic enrollment rules to push employees into your new employee onboarding training and Curricula will take care of the rest.

Simplify Compliance Training for Your Employees

Crush your compliance audits using Assignments to make sure your employees are trained and compliant. Track employee learning progress and ensure your organization achieves key compliance training deadlines with built in notifications, reminders, and compliance dashboards.

Customize Your Training Content

Customize each Assignment with your own internal policies, procedures, contact information and more. Each assignment can have its own custom rules to set passing scores, unlock dates, reminders, and more.

Simple Reporting for Employee Training

Visualize how your employees are performing on each Assignment with a simple online training dashboard. View scores, durations, completion records, and other data associated with your employee’s learning activity. You can even run custom reports based on any specific data you want to find.

Simple Design

You don’t need to be a training expert to launch training to your employees. Assignments helps you deliver beautifully designed online training content in minutes. With just a few clicks, our intuitive interface lets you deliver online training to your employees and visualize their performance.

Automated Notifications

Never worry again about reaching out to employees to get them to complete their training. Curricula’s built-in notification system automatically seeks out employees that didn’t complete their assignment and reminds them on your behalf. You can even customize those notifications and reminders. It’s like magic!

Integrated Quizzes and Scoring

Our integrated scoring system measures your employee’s knowledge along their learning journey. Assignments track quiz scores for each piece of content, so you can assure your employees are passing based on your own custom requirements.

What is an Assignment?

An assignment is a collection of online training content that you want to deliver to an employee. Assignments can be targeted to different employees depending on which training content you want them to be enrolled in.

Can I enroll employees automatically into Assignments?

Yes! When selecting your audience, simply activate the auto-enrollment feature and employees will be enrolled into your assignment automatically. Auto-Enrollment is great for new employee onboarding and compliance training.

Can I set a passing score on an Assignment?

Yes. You can set a passing score for each piece of content within an assignment. You can also configure the order that assignment content is released.

Can I set an end date to lock an Assignment?

Yes. Assignments have unlock and lock dates. Most customers will lock their assignments when the calendar year ends, but it’s up to you. You can even hide or show upcoming training within an Assignment.

Can I edit an Assignment after it launched?

Of course! Every Assignment can be edited after it has launched. Even if you forget to add content, just select the currently active assignment, make your changes, and the assignment will automatically update.

Unforgettable Experience

Training shouldn’t be difficult for employees. With Curricula’s Assignments, you’ll know that employees have an easy way to access and complete their training.

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