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5 NERC CIP Training Program Mistakes

Nick Santora

Your NERC CIP training program is the foundation of your entire NERC CIP compliance program. A strong NERC CIP training program ensures that all of your personnel can speak the language of CIP and be familiar with how to apply CIP concepts in their roles. You may have recently built a CIP training program yourself, dusted off an old program you stepped into, or you work with a vendor.

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This guide will discuss key challenges in a NERC CIP training program from the eyes of former NERC CIP compliance staff. We discuss the 5 key challenges seen in NERC CIP training programs across North America and detail some answers on how to resolve them. All of these examples have been taken from experience in the field and discussions that have taken place during real life audits.

Download the whitepaper to learn how you can help prevent some of the most common CIP training program mistakes.


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