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Curricula Launches Free SOC 2 Security Awareness Training

Lauren Patrick

Businesses undergoing a SOC 2 audit can now access free SOC 2 security awareness training content and educational materials for their employees.

Curricula, the fun security awareness company, today announced their SOC 2 employee security awareness training program is now available for free on its platform. Now every organization that is implementing a SOC 2 compliance program can train their employees to meet their SOC 2 security awareness training requirements at no cost.

“Technology leaders already wear a lot of hats, including guiding their organization through a SOC 2 audit,” said Curricula’s CEO, Nick Santora. “Teaching employees about the importance of SOC 2 shouldn’t be an afterthought. Our training breaks down the core concepts of SOC 2 into simple and relatable content that teaches every employee to speak the same compliance language.”

SOC 2 is quickly becoming the industry standard for establishing trust between high-growth software as a service (SaaS) providers and their customers regarding their security practices. Curricula’s SOC 2 training program helps organizations of all sizes demonstrate they are taking security awareness requirements seriously.

“Instead of just checking the box for SOC 2 security awareness training requirements, we’re helping organizations build a culture of security from the ground up,” Santora said. “SOC 2 helps build a company-wide security program and employees play a key role to maintain security.”

“Security training is never a ‘one-and-done.’ And when it comes to SOC 2, employees need to be part of the conversation from the get-go,” said Adam Markowitz, CEO of Drata. “Curricula is a compelling way to make security education fun so employees enjoy and retain the knowledge from their training.”

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Founded in 2015, Curricula is a fun security awareness training platform that uses story-based learning to communicate cyber risk to employees. Curricula’s mission is to fix boring security awareness programs by empowering employees to defend themselves against hackers. For more information visit:

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