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Curricula Launches Slack Integration for Security Awareness Training

Lauren Patrick

Organizations can now enable Slack notifications to directly communicate with employees to complete their required training from within Curricula’s security awareness training platform.

ATLANTA — MARCH 29, 2022 — Curricula, the fun security awareness company, today announced the launch of our Slack integration to better engage employees in security awareness training. Organizations using Slack for internal communications can now automate notifications and reminders for employees to complete their training assignments all from within Curricula’s platform.


While Curricula admins already had the capability to send custom email notifications to their employees, this new feature enables notifications via Slack for new training content, reminders, assignments, and training completion certificates.

“Now employees can receive their Curricula notifications without leaving Slack to access their training,” Santora explained. “This helps to standardize a safe environment to level-up employee conversations around cyber threats and further establish a culture of security in every organization.”

The new Slack integration is another step forward on Curricula’s product enhancements for high-growth software-as-a-service (SaaS) organizations and SMBs. Coupled with Curricula’s new free security awareness training plan for up to 1,000 employees, the Slack app will allow rapidly scaling companies to better communicate security to employees, further motivating them to help prevent cyber attacks.

To get started with Curricula’s Slack integration for security awareness training, visit to create your free account today.


Founded in 2015, Curricula is a fun security awareness training platform that uses story-based learning to communicate cyber risk to employees. Curricula’s mission is to fix boring security awareness programs by empowering employees to defend themselves against hackers. For more information visit:

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